Why youGo

You travel. You're smart. You know it makes sense to get travel insurance, but only if it's good value. Congratulations on discovering youGo! Your search for great Aussie travel insurance ends here. We offer low-cost, high-quality travel insurance that fits with most itineraries. youGo gives You protection for a wide range of mishaps—from minor travel delays to hospital stays to emergency evacuations. See how the specific benefits of youGo Travel Insurance can assist on Your next trip.

24/7 assistance

No matter where the wind blows You, if You're sick and need help, use youGo's 24/7 emergency assistance. You'll have access to a team of Aussie experts with a worldwide network of doctors, nurses and logistical staff. youGo experts are on call day and night, doing all the worrying for You. Stay calm knowing we can help You anytime, anywhere.

Worldwide cover

You can trust youGo to come with You to the farthest corners of the globe. Whether You're travelling domestically or internationally, alone or with 1000 of Your closest friends, travel insurance has Your back*. We know the value of feeling protected on holiday. With a travel insurance plan from youGo, You never have to feel alone.

Luggage add-ons

We provide cover options for You and Your belongings*. If Your things are lost or stolen, call youGo to make a claim. You could receive compensation to assist in reimbursing You for Your lost or stolen items. We know youGo can't bring back Your belongings, but may be able to help You move on with some shiny new swag.

Cancellation options

Don't let bad weather derail Your holiday. Get as much or as little cancellation cover as You need. This can include cover for non-refundable and unused pre-paid tickets, hotels, tours or other non-refundable travel-related expenses. Don't overpay for under-protection. Purchase exactly what You need with youGo.

Medical benefits

Medical bills can seriously cramp Your world traveller lifestyle. With travel insurance from youGo, You'll get cover for overseas hospital, medical, surgical, nursing and ambulance expenses—and be seen by youGo-approved doctors. If You need treatment and medical evacuation, a travel policy helps You find that, too.


youGo offers cover* in the event that an unexpected natural disaster—like a volcano, tsunami, earthquake or flood—requires You to seek emergency accommodation and transport. We are in the business of getting You home safe and sound. Rely on us to take care of unexpected situations that may arise while on holiday.

youGo Adventure

Cover for different trips

No matter who You are or where You're going, youGo Travel Insurance may have a coverage option to suit Your trip.
Who goes? You go with youGo Travel Insurance. Policies are available at many price points.

*Various limits and exclusions may apply resulting in less-than-expected compensations for specific events. Read the Product Disclosure Statement for full details on all youGo products.