Travel insurance for cruises

You’re well-versed in nautical nuances and have never met a dinner buffet you couldn’t handle. Cruise connoisseurs of your calibre know how expensive these boating adventures can be, and you know the importance of protecting that investment—be it illness, or whatever else life throws at you. Don’t let your cruise money go down the tube—travel smart with youGo Travel Insurance. Please read the PDS for exclusions that apply around Cancelation cover.

Sit back and relax with youGo travel insurance for cruises; we've got the stressful stuff covered so you can focus on becoming king of the conga line.

Why buy travel insurance for your cruise?

We're here for you, day and night

If you're sick and need help, use youGo's 24/7 emergency assistance. You'll have access to a team of Aussie experts with a worldwide network of doctors, nurses and logistical staff.

We deal with doctors for you

If you or your child are hurt or become ill during your cruise, there may or may not be a medical staff with the necessary training and equipment to help out. You may be forced to be evacuated off the cruise to get to the nearest medical facility. Your youGo policy can provide cover for overseas hospital, medical, surgical, nursing and ambulance expenses.

We offer cover for your whole family

Cruises are the perfect family adventure—activities tailored to each person while still vacationing together. At youGo we are committed to making sure whatever your family looks like, you will have access to great value family travel insurance.

We get you where you need to go

You may have waited and saved for a long time to take this trip. If the trip costs more than you can lose, it's important to have adequate cancellation cover. Protect your financial investment with youGo travel insurance.

We cover your stuff

If your belongings get lost or stolen, call youGo. You could be reimbursed for Your lost or stolen things.

There's a youGo policy for trips of all shapes and sizes. Travel insurance protects travellers from the losses and risks related to cruise travel. Don't let the cruise you've been dreaming of turn into a nightmare. Protect your financial investment and yourself now with youGo travel insurance.

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Our quote process is easy and the cover is affordable. Then you can get back to planning your trip.

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