Travel insurance for seniors

Age is not going to slow you down from seeing and doing everything on your bucket list. You also know you have to strike the right balance between risk and protection. Travel insurance is an important part of any holiday, especially if you have existing health concerns and are over 65 years old. Look no further. youGo has high age limits* so as long as your mind and body are able, you can get pre-existing medical cover, and high medical cost cover.

With youGo travel insurance for seniors, you’ll get comprehensive travel insurance for a reasonable price.

Why buy travel insurance for seniors?

We aren’t ageist

Just because your body is a little older doesn’t mean your mind is older, too. We respect the difference and recognise the importance of travel for everyone.

We're here for you, day and night

If you get sick or injured and need help, use youGo’s 24/7 emergency assistance. You’ll have access to a team of Aussie experts with a worldwide network of doctors, nurses and logistical staff who are ready and able to get you help.

We deal with doctors for you

With 65+ travel insurance, your policy will provide cover for overseas hospital, medical, surgical, nursing and ambulance expenses. Our overseas medical cover also helps You find treatment and medical evacuation, if you need it.

We get you where you need to go

Get as much or as little cancellation cover as You need. Don’t overpay for under-protection. This can include cover for non-refundable and unused pre-paid tickets, hotels, tours or other non-refundable travel-related expenses.

We replace your stuff

If your belongings are lost or stolen, call youGo to assist in reimbursing You for Your lost or stolen things.

We get you home in one piece

Cover for emergency accommodation and transport expenses if an unexpected natural disaster like a volcano, tsunami, earthquake or flood disrupts Your Journey.

Travel can become risky for adventurers over 65, 70 and even 75. Thankfully, whether you have medical conditions or not, there are options for travel insurance for seniors. Don’t let the trip of your dreams turn into a nightmare. Protect your health and yourself now with youGo’s travel insurance for seniors policy.

*Cover available for travellers up to 99, depending on area selected a duration travelled.

Elderly Hugo

Our quote process is easy and the cover is affordable. Then you can get back to planning your trip.

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