Travel insurance for backpackers

You've got an adventurous spirit, but you've also got common sense. Travel insurance for backpackers makes all the difference for world nomads of your caliber if something unexpected happens. Fortunately, you can get reliable cover for way less than you might expect.

With youGo travel insurance for backpackers, you’ll get customised travel insurance for a reasonable price. See how little it will cost to cover your backpacking trip.

Why buy travel insurance for backpackers?

We're here for you, day and night

No matter where the wind blows you, if you’re sick and need help, use youGo’s 24/7 emergency assistance. You’ll have access to a team of Aussie experts with a worldwide network of doctors, nurses and logistical staff.

We understand wanderlust

Want to stay in Bali for an extra day? Debating adding another week to your backpacking holiday? We respect your adventurous spirit. Call youGo’s assistance line before your policy expires and you can extend your cover with a new policy for as long as you need.

We deal with doctors for you

Medical bills can seriously cramp your world nomad lifestyle. This’ll provide cover for overseas hospital, medical, surgical, nursing and ambulance expenses. If you need treatment and medical evacuation, travel insurance for backpackers helps you find that too.

We replace your stuff

If your belongings are lost or stolen, call youGo. Our team will assist in reimbursement, make sure you read the PDS on depreciation and reimbursement.

There's a youGo policy for backpacking trips of all shapes and sizes. Whether you spend months in one country or zigzag all over the world.. Don't let the holiday of your dreams turn into a nightmare. Protect your belongings and yourself now with youGo's travel insurance for backpackers policy.

Backpacker Hugo

Our quote process is easy and the cover is affordable. Then you can get back to planning your trip.

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