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The benefits of providing business travel insurance to your employees

If your employees are racking up frequent flyer miles from travelling the globe, it may be time to consider an employee travel insurance policy. Insurance companies offer many different solutions for small businesses and large corporations alike, but many businesses are not sure if they should provide travel insurance to their employees. If you are considering a company-wide travel insurance policy, take a look at these benefits for proving business travel insurance to your employees.

Cover, day and night

You’re the boss, and you want to go home on time – you certainly don’t want to hear about emergencies in the middle of the night. Travel insurance saves you the hassle of worrying about your employees’ wellbeing on the road. When you purchase a travel insurance policy, your insurance provider does the worrying for you. With youGo, for example, you can rest easy knowing you and your employees have access to a team of Australian experts with a worldwide network of doctors, nurses and logistical staff.

No more rain delays

While we can’t control the weather, we can get you on the next flight out. Travel insurance often offers cancellation cover. Worry less about missing your meeting with an important client with you book travel insurance for yourself and your employees. Domestic cancellation cover is free from youGo travel insurance, while international coverage may cost a bit extra.

Suit safety

You bring so many valuable and expensive items on your business trips, wouldn’t it be a shame if something got lost or stolen? Travel insurance can’t bring your stolen items back, but it can compensate you. That suit set you back quite a bit, so insure it.

More family dinners

Okay – what you do in your free time is up to you, but we can give you more free time in the event of a disaster abroad. Travel insurance means that emergency situations – like unexpected natural disasters, volcanos, tsunamis, earthquakes and floods – don’t keep you stranded abroad. Get home on time and in one piece when you invest in travel insurance.

Company culture

At youGo Travel Insurance, we know the importance of a great working environment because, hey, we wouldn’t want to work with people we hated, either. Investing in your employees, and making their business travel as hassle-free as possible, is a great way to boost employee morale, and sales. After all, happy employees are profitable employees.

Interested in an annual multi-trip policy for your business travel needs. Check out youGo’s travel insurance for business professionals today.