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4 tips for travelling alone in Asia

If a solo visit to the orient is on your mind, keep in mind these travel tips to stay safe abroad:

Be in the know

Nearly half of the countries in Asia are dangerous to visit, according to SmarTraveller. This means they require a high degree of caution, and there are a few countries where travel is not recommended at all. Stay on top of the travel warnings for the country you plan to visit, as it affects your safety and it may affect your travel insurance benefits.

Know the necessities

When travelling alone, a language barrier or unfamiliar terrain can turn from being inconvenient to being dangerous. If this is your first time visiting an Asian country, your first time travelling alone, or both, know what you need to stay sane. Talk to other people who have visited before and assess what you will need to feel safe. Is it important to be around people that can speak English? If so, stick with big cities rather than small villages. Do you need Wi-Fi to stay connected? Splurge for a travel SIM card (or get a free travel SIM card with your youGo travel insurance policy*). Think of the worst-case scenario and prepare from there.

Of course, it never hurts to learn a few words before you go, as well.

Prepare for emergencies

Know how to contact the local embassy, the local police, and the hospital. Have copies of your visa and passport information, and share them with someone at home. Do the same with your travel insurance documents.

If you have life-threatening medical conditions, write instructions to health care providers in English and the local language. In addition, write down facts about yourself in English and the local language.

Learn a few key phrases before you go and learn about the city beforehand. Know which parts are safe for tourists and plan your routes before you find yourself in harm’s way.

Enjoy silence

If you’re not used to being alone, a solo trip can be jarring. Try doing a few things each day to give yourself a taste of what it would be like to be alone for a while. Eat lunch alone or take a solo weekend trip. Making friends while travelling solo isn’t as hard as it looks, but it’s nice to know you can survive if you don’t.

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