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Do I need travel insurance for my honeymoon?

Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life and you should fully enjoy your newly-wed status with an extravagant honeymoon. Achieve complete relaxation by letting your travel insurance provider do all the worrying for you. If you’re wondering ‘Do I need travel insurance for my honeymoon?’ the answer is yes, should you have any accidents or misadventures.

Read on to see why purchasing travel insurance for your honeymoon may just be the best decision you ever make.

You cannot control the weather

We hope you have perfect weather the day of your wedding, but even if you do that does not guarantee your honeymoon will be the same. Just because you are jetting off to a tropical island doesn’t mean you are safe from incidental weather. Common honeymoon destinations are frequently the locations of tropical storms, hurricanes and other natural disasters. Weather disasters can leave you stranded in strange cities, or worse, stranded in the airport. Deal with foul weather the intelligent way and be prepared for all unexpected situations with travel insurance.

You are not immune from medical emergencies

Honeymoons are a great time to soak in the local culture and try new things – but if you’re not careful, this can lead to actual physical harm. From food poisoning to sunburns to falling overboard, we have seen it all when it comes to honeymoon disasters, so we’re prepared to help. If you do have to spend a few days in the hospital, the last thing you will want to worry about are outrageous medicals costs (Australia’s health insurance does not apply in many overseas locations). Purchasing a travel insurance policy means there’s someone around to deal with the doctors for you. For example, your youGo policy can ensure you see an approved (and English-speaking) doctor and it can provide cover for overseas hospital, medical, dental, surgical, nursing and ambulance expenses.

Your stuff looks good to other people, too

Imagine this: while you are happily enjoying each other’s company on the white sands of Fiji, your honeymoon suite gets robbed. It’s a nightmare scenario you probably never considered. While a travel insurance policy can’t replace your lost or stolen belongings, it can reimburse you for their value. Even if those wedding gifts cannot be located, at least you may receive a nice payday.

Your life is not perfect

In the unfortunate event that the honeymoon needs to be cancelled or postponed for unforeseen circumstances (no, we are not talking about a runaway bride scenario; we are talking about real emergencies), having travel insurance with cancellation options will come in handy.

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Being insured is especially useful for holidays like your honeymoon when newlyweds usually purchase a non-refundable package trip like a cruise or tour. Certain travel insurance plans with cancellation coverage can reimburse you for any non-refundable and unused pre-paid tickets, hotels, tours or other non-refundable travel-related expenses. This way you do not have to lose out on the trip itself and the money you paid for it.