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5 best volunteer trips for students

Students, ever want to spend your holiday traveling abroad and seeing the world while positively impacting a community in need? You’re not alone, as more and more students are looking to get involved though volunteer trips for students.

Volunteering is not only beneficial for the community you are helping, but spending time as a volunteer helps students improve their professional skills, learn more about different cultures, make new friends and gain new experiences. Here are some of the best programs for students looking to volunteer abroad.


If you love to travel and are passionate about conservation, GoEco is the volunteer program for you. Founded by volunteers for volunteers, this program helps communities in need, wildlife and the environment, and it can take you all over the world. Their mission is to promote responsible tourism and to make sure people leave the place they travelled to in better condition than when they arrived. Offering volunteers the chance to travel to any location, this program is perfect for students with an itch for exploring.

Global Citizen Year

Finishing school this year but still want to volunteer? Global Citizen Year can make sure that happens. This is a bridge year program that places graduating seniors in projects all over the world, particularly in challenged and developing regions. This program focuses on sending graduates to Brazil, Ecuador and Senegal in hopes of creating world leaders and entrepreneurs. This social enterprise is a new way for (former) students to continue their education and make a difference.


WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. This program links volunteers with organic farms and growers all around the world. In exchange for their help, WWOOF gives volunteers food, housing and an opportunity to learn about organic lifestyles, making this an ideal program for volunteers traveling on a student budget. WWOOF farms host volunteers for one to two weeks, which is perfect timing for students looking to travel over their winter and/or summer holidays.


BUNAC–otherwise known as British Universities North America Club–offers a variety of work and volunteer abroad programs. These low-cost volunteering programs take students to Africa, Asia and the Americas. BUNAC’s program is designed to match students’ interests with local community needs, whether that is to teach English, coach sports or help conserve the environment. BUNAC accepts volunteers at any time of the year, granting students flexibility to work around their school schedule. They are also known to reward several scholarships and awards to applicants.


GeoVisions is ideal for students with the goal of teaching or working with kids later in life. This volunteer program offers seasonal opportunities for students to participate in volunteer abroad, teach abroad and au pair abroad projects. GeoVisions works to help students, office staff, police officers, hotel staff and business owners learn or improve their English skills. This organization is designed to help participants develop global skills and a greater understanding for cultures around the world.

Many of these programs require student volunteers to have travel insurance, but insurance is not always affordable on a student budget. But with youGo, that is no problem. Learn more about our student travel insurance to save money and keep yourself fully protected while you travel the world.