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8 of the smartest travel hacks for getting around a new city

You’re smart, so you know the value of a good travel hacks list. If you are planning a trip in the near future, follow our guide for travel hacks for transit.

Travel hacks for getting around

In a new city? Follow these tips to navigate with ease:

  • To use Google Maps in offline mode, search what you need using home internet or Wi-Fi and then type ‘OK Maps’. The visible map area will save for you to access when you are offline. Then you can turn your phone to airplane mode; the GPS will still connect and you won’t have to use any international data.
  • Use the local language as much as you can. While you probably won’t be mistaken for a native, you will often find locals are friendlier and more helpful to travellers attempting to speak their language, even if it doesn’t come out right.
  • Store money in a lip balm tube to avoid falling victim to pickpockets. Hollow out a Chap Stick tube and place paper bills there for an incognito way to foil thieves.
  • Use ATMs to get local currency instead of using money changers. Money changers are not always trustworthy and ATMs rarely lie. If you get all of the money you will need for the trip at once, you will avoid repeatedly being charged fees.
  • Picking one item and comparing prices across establishments is a great way to know if you are being overpriced. A popular tip is to note how much a bottle of local beer costs at the first restaurant you go to and compare prices as you travel. Even if you don’t drink, the price comparison will help you easily tell if an establishment is over-priced.
  • On the topic of alcohol, choose domestic beer when you travel. The savings are often astronomical, and it will give you a taste of the local brew culture.
  • If you plan to visit several attractions on your next trip, consider purchasing city tourist cards. These will often save you up to 50 percent as opposed to paying for attractions individually.
  • Look online and plan your schedule around free days. Most museums and some attractions offer special discount hours or free nights.

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